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prepASH129 is the latest in the new generation of thermo-gravimetric analysis instruments. It determines moisture and ash values fully automatically and produces huge savings in workload and costs. This is a machine where no technology transfer data loss occurs and where the entire process is monitored and recorded from start to finish.

Full automation offers an enormous improvement over manual procedures, both in the precision of the results and the massive reduction in working time, up to 50% of an entire procedure. In one working cycle, 29 specimens and a reference pan are ashed fully automatically in accordance with the latest quality guidelines, monitored and recorded within a wide temperature range of 50° to 1000°C. Safety and reliability in the storage of fundamental data and operating parameters are guaranteed.

Numerous prepASH129 units have now been installed worldwide, where, supported by dedicated application laboratories, the machine is setting industry standards.

Technical Data...

Principle of Analysis:

Automatic moisture and ash determination with multiple samples using the principles of thermo-gravimetry. prepASH129 consists of a muffle furnace combined with an analytical balance and advanced software using a touch-screen user interface. Weighing curves are recorded over time for each individual test sample of up to 29 samples. This permits automatic end-point determination and control during the entirety of the drying and ashing process. No additional computer is needed.

  • Weighing-in
    The user places the crucible into the carousel, after which all 30 crucibles (29 sample + 1 reference) are automatically tared. The samples are weighed directly into prepASH129. Crucibles have a size of 30 ml. The resolution of the balance is 0.0001 g
  • Temperature program
    Temperature curves can be individually configured and are saved as methods. They consist of up to 10 freely definable steps (ramping/holding). Temperature can be set between 50°C to 1000°C. Combustion atmosphere can be varied by choosing the process gas (air, O2, N2)
  • End-point determination
    The analysis is finished when all samples have reached stable weight. The auto-stop criteria can be chosen from 0.1-9.9 mg/ min, mg / 30 min, mg / h. Alternatively analysis can be stopped at a fixed time.
  • Results
    The results are calculated as losses or residuals in respect of weighing-in or pre-interval (e.g. dry mass).The user may choose between %, g / kg, g
  • Report
    A GMP format report is generated including weight curves and all process parameters.
  • Data output
    RS232 port for a PC (com1)RS232 port for an external balance/dosing station (com 2) Centronics port for a printer (LPT1) Alarm output (floating double-throw contact)
prepASH Technical Data
Weighing system:
Sample weight [g] 120
Units g
Minimum sample weight [g] 0.1
Readability [g] 0.0001
Heat source: 
Temperature range 50°C – 1,000°C
Heating control system: 
Ramp time 0 – 6 h
Holding time 0 – 24 h
Auto stop n x 0.1 mg/min
Oxygen 0/3/6/9 l / min
Nitrogen 0/3/6/9 l / min
Air 0/3/6/9 l / min
Weight loss / Residual weight g/%/‰
Weight loss / Residual weight related to pre-interval g/%/‰
Acoustic X
Printout: GLP, FDA
Graphic X
Table / Method X
Memory capacity: 
Process memory 100
Measured value memory About 200 series of measurements
Display 5.7" Colour graphic
Keyboard touch screen
Menu-controlled X
Special features:  
Weighing-in on an external dosing station Optional
Balance X
Temperature X
Data outputs: 
Interface for a PC RS232
Interface for an external balance (dosing station) RS232
Interface for a printer (HP-PCL3) Centronics
Alarm output X
Mains voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 – 60 Hz
Current input 15 A

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